Sarrusophone: Invented in the mid 1800's by Gautrot to compete with the Saxophone, for use in military bands to bolster or replace oboes and bassoons. The instrument was named after the French bandmaster Sarrus, who Gautrot credited with the idea for the instrument.
Apr 05, 2019 · Looking at the orchestration, I see that Weinberg has thrown in three saxophones, tenor, soprano and bass, and a Sarrusophone, which does exactly what its name suggests. And a Hammond organ, to ...

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The sarrusophone is a double reed instrument like the oboe or bassoon, with a metal body and keys like the saxophone. It comes in several forms, including the EEb contrabass (which goes an octave lower than a baritone sax), baritone, tenor, and soprano, which is the only sarrusophone that has a straight sound tube.
The sarrusophone is a family of transposing musical instruments patented and placed into production by The sarrusophone is a woodwind instrument with a brass body with a conical bore, and...

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Sarrusofon patří do kategorie transponujících dechových nástrojů. V roce 1856 jej vynalezl a začal vyrábět Pierre-Louis Gautrot, název dostal po francouzském kapelníkovi Pierru-Augustu Sarrusovi (1813-1876), kterému se připisuje technický návrh nástroje (není však známo, zda mu to vyneslo finanční ocenění).
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sarrusophone (sərŭs`əfōn), brass keyed wind instrument, played with a double reed, thus a member of the oboe oboe [Ital., from Fr. hautbois] or hautboy, woodwind instrument of conical bore, its mouthpiece having a double reed.
Dec 18, 2000 · Note that this is really not a "how to" -- Making bassoon reeds that work is extremely difficult and subject to the vagaries of luck.This writeup is instead intended merely to explain to those of you who might be curious what is involved in the process.

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SARRUSOFÓN s. n. instrument muzical de suflat, de alamă, cu ancie dublă, folosit în fanfare. (< fr. sarrusophone) substantiv neutru sarrusofon.

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